Who We Are

Family & Friends

Mark always held his family and friends in high regard and enjoyed spending time with people, learning about their passions in life and showing enthusiasm for their goals. He laughed with us, helped us challenge ourselves, loved, advised, comforted and looked out for us.

This page is for you, Mark's family and friends. We would enjoy reading and sharing in your memories of Mark by having you send an email to monacomemorial@aol.com.


We didn't know Mark as well as so many of you did but we can understand why Mark was so very special and outstanding, because he has a very special family. We hope and pray that your goals will be reached in keeping Mark in everyone's memory. God Bless you all. Love, The Vanderwalkers

– 7-21-00

Poker Games

Our fondest memory of Mark is the poker games at Thanksgiving. He always reminded me of how he appreciated that I taught him how to play poker. He enjoyed our poker games so much. I never realized that until he told me at aunt Vera's funeral. So in loving memory, I slipped a fin in Mark's pocket to take with him to heaven. I hope he has parlayed that to enjoy playing poker forever. Always in our hearts, MaryJane &l Paul Gressel.

– 7-26-00


Of course, my fondest memory of Mark is of our annual Thanksgiving parties. The cousins would unite on this day and have a GREAT time! I remember laughing and running around the house, just barely staying out of trouble! The days of Thanksgiving get-togethers may be gone, but the memories I will keep always. Amy Gressel

– 8-1-00

Churning Butter

Watching Mark 'churn butter', 'climb the ladder' or 'run the sprinkler' on the dance floor was hilarious. As exaggerated as he was, he looked like an expert out there…always smiling or laughing. Johnny.

– 11-13-00

In our Thoughts

No matter how much time passes, we will always love Mark, miss Mark and think of him daily. Sue & Mitch